What is Cebu Best Properties?

Cebu Best Properties is a property finder website built by Maria Margarita Narvasa, an agent of Leuterio Realty, Inc.

What are your services?

Cebu Best Properties provide the following services: Consultation, Site Viewing, Loan Processing, and After-Sales Support.

How much do we pay when we hire you to help us?

ZERO. All our services are free of charge. You do not pay more when you hire us.

How do agents earn if we don’t have to pay you anything?

We earn a small commission when we help developers find buyers like you.  We can 100% guarantee that our fees are being paid by the developer at no extra charge to you.

Can I refer a buyer to you and earn a bonus?

ABSOLUTELY! Cebu Best Properties rewards referrals. You are entitled to a referral bonus of UP TO P5,000 for every successful referral, depending on the price of the property that will be purchased. Your referral must have complete requirements and must not withdraw his/her reservation. The bonus will be provided after the  ‘Free Cancellation Period’ has passed. More terms & conditions apply. Please contact us to learn more. We reserve the right to refuse bonuses when we see fit.